Wholesale Cookie Tins

Empty Wholesale Cookie Tins – For Fillers, Manufactures and Distributors

You have found a domestic source for wholesale cookie tins with a year-round stock program and full range of custom capabilities.  Independent Can prints, manufactures and stocks the largest variety of high quality tins in the United States.  Since we have all processes under one roof, a custom cookie tin with near-photo graphics or embossing is possible with a responsive lead-time.  You can build your plans for fulfillment around our delivery estimate. Purchasing wholesale cookie tins from a full service, US supplier with a nation-wide distributor network, provides maximum flexibility and many options.

wholesale cookie tins

A high quality lithographed tin has a superior look and feel that is distinctively different than digitally printed substitutes. Our broad range of sizes, designs and shapes allows for flexibility, product line extension and families of designs for stacking and gift sets.  Sell in bulk? We have large, tapered snack tins that make great gift baskets or corporate gift containers.

Made in the USA is not a slogan at Independent Can

Good for Your Business

A consumer-led commitment to purchasing goods made in America, including the packaging, has resulted in many major companies and end users demanding American-made products.

Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility

US manufacturing is safer for workers and cleaner for the environment. We employ best workplace practices, safety training, and use materials that meet FDA and EPA standards. Most of the top manufacturing countries do not meet the strict standards required for US manufacturers.

Our products are made of tin-plated steel which is 100% infinitely recyclable without loss of quality.  Our state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to recycling has allowed ICC to measurably minimize emissions and waste.

Independent Can provides employment for hundreds of American workers in 4 different states.  These jobs contribute to a thriving economy in our country.

Responsive and Flexible

We have a relationship-based, experienced sales team. Our product specialists and their support staff can quickly direct you to the best packaging solution based on your needs and volume, as well as provide you with timely information on the status of your order. Our stock program is supported throughout the year, allowing for availability of off-season items when you need them and timely delivery.

In the Hands of Experts

Working with a domestic manufacturer with all processes under one roof, saves time and provides assurance.  Having a project or order in the hands of experts in printing and can making at Independent Can eliminates guess-work and lowers overall costs. For 86 years, we have worked to minimize all outside obstacles to excellence in order to better serve our customers.  Over the past few years we have been actively “re-shoring” customer’s products that in previous years were made overseas.

Our Year-round Stock Program

Our stock catalog features holiday designs for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, and Halloween.  Other seasonal favorites are included such as floral, fall scenes, thank you, birthday, beach, winter scenes and patterns.  Our variety of solid colored tins can be silk screened or labeled with your logo or brand.  Our stocking distributors offer multi-colored silk screen services on both the body side wall and lid of the tin.  Accessories such as liners, pads, dividers and shrink bands are also available.